1.)    How will the Stump be Removed?

We use a self propelled stump grinding machine.  The stump grinder pulverizes the stump and feeder roots into mulch.

2.)    Will there be a hole left when you are done?

No. The stump mulch and pulverized soil resulting from the grinding of the stump will be used to backfill the hole.  On large stumps, the excess mulch left after the hole is backfilled will be piled over the area where the stump was removed from and left on site.

3.)    What will I have to do after the stump removal is complete?

In the case with larger stumps, there will be excess mulch mounded over the stump hole. After letting the mulch settle for 1-2 weeks, you can remove the excess mulch and spread it around the landscaped areas in your yard.  If the stump was located in your lawn, you can spread topsoil over the area and plant grass. We can also recommend a landscape service to haul away excess mulch and finish grade the area if necessary. 

4. ) Will there be any damage to my lawn or landscape?

Our stump grinders are self propelled units so no trucks will be driven on your lawn.  If a stump is located within 2-3 feet of sensitive landscape, it is recommended that you temporarily relocate the landscape. The stump grinder needs a 35” to 56” path to access the stump.

5.)    Can you access a stump in my fenced in back yard?

Our machines will fit through a 36” gate.

6.)    How deep do you grind the stump?

Generally 6-10” below ground level is the standard grind depth.  If a deeper grind is necessary, make sure to discuss that with us prior to the work being completed.

7.)    Who is responsible for my electric dog fence or sprinkler system if it is damaged by the stump grinder?

We are fully insured, however it is the homeowners responsibility to inform us and mark items that they have installed underground on their property. We are not responsible for damage to these items.  We will call JULIE to have underground utilities marked when necessary.

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