Generally, the removal cost is based on the total diameter (measured in inches) of the stump. Because many homeowners may have only one stump needing removal, it is more cost effective to provide quotes over the phone or via email. This is possible when proper measurements are provided by the customer. Eliminating the need for an additional visit provides for quicker service and allows us to maintain competitive pricing.
Proper measurement is important to ensure the most accurate quote. Using measurements provided by the customer, we provide the customer with an estimate for the stump removal. Upon arrival at the job site, we assess the stump and provide you with a final price. The final price is usually quite close to, if not the same as, the price previously estimated on the phone.

Measuring is simple! Using a tape measure, measure the entire diameter of the stump including any exposed roots that you would like removed. (See pictures below.) Provide this information to us along with a description of the area the stump is located in and we will provide you with a price. Emailing a picture along with your measurements and description is helpful in providing an accurate quote.

If there are multiple stumps or the stump is in a difficult location and you would prefer we come out to inspect the stump and provide a quote, we will be happy to provide that service.

Once you have your stump measurements and have reviewed our pricing information, please use the

"Contact Us"  tab to request a quote.

The following factors will determine stump removal pricing:
  • What is the overall size of the stump?
  • How rotted is the stump?
  • Does the stump have any "feeder" roots above the ground that need to be removed?
  • How accessible is the stump? (Our equipment fits through a 36" gate)
  • Are there any other stumps in the neighbothood that we can remove at the same time?
  • Do you have two or more stumps? Multiple stumps may qualify for a discount.
  • Is the stump fore than 6" above ground?
  • How deep below ground do you need the stump ground? (standard grind is 6"-10")
  • How far do we have to travel to reach the jobsite?
  • Is the stump located in rock infested soil?
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How to Measure a Stump

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